Puh..off time was really long

So I was traveling, Japan. Really, it is hard to describe, but it was phenomenal. 2 weeks, Tokyo, Kyoto, Kobe, Nara, Tokyo. OMG. Lots of fun. Now being back and having the chance to get some models in front of the camera one thing is more an more often asked....how much?? 

So in fact.... a pricelist is wanted....puh...this is hard... 

I was thinking about this a lot , really so many hours and to be honest, a real definite one I could not come up with. 

So here it goes for starters... the early bird. If you want it you can get it. 

From now 27 th of May 2017 until my next birthday...September 3 rd 2017 every shoot I do, is there for 600 CHF. 

It does not depend on time, studio, outdoor, whatsoever. You book me for the way I shoot, for my way of "style" and workflow. 

Some of you had the experience to work with me. Be free to tell any story. If you think I am just not worth the money, do tell. Let it be what it is. 

I wanna make a transition and a living by doing this and in one way or the other serve you and YOUR greatness.  

The world is gorgeous, so lets make pictures worth for you remembering.... 

Have a great day, Frank